MSc in Business Economics (Women’s Studies)

Women’s Studies take an interdisciplinary approach to the field of gender. The students, who specialize in this specialization area, in the course of their inquiry, will learn the ways that women function as a key organizing element in all societies and cultures. They will learn not only to view gender as a category of investigation, but also reflect on the different manifestations of gender in their own day-to-day lives. The Women’s Studies course will keep the students informed about, and sensitive to, issues concerning women, women in the work place, and issues that one faces in their day to day lives. These courses will help the students to understand them; understand how knowledge and value take multiplicity of forms depending on a variety of social variables. The programme is specially designed for women, however, men, who recognise the importance of women in today’s economy, are thus encouraged to apply.

Table 3 – Programme Structure of Women’s Studies

*Note: The Dissertation related work will begin in Year II semester I