Master of Science in Business Economics (MSc (BEc))

M.Sc. programme is a two years Master’s degree programme which is equivalent to the SLQF Level 10. The programme has been structured in a manner that will benefit professionals from both the corporate and government sectors. This programme has been designed to enhance the theoretical and practical knowledge, analytical skills and research competencies of candidates.

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Programme Objectives

The general objective of this programme is to impart economics skills and managerial skills, necessary to deal with the challenges posed by the increasingly complex and rapidly changing business environment. The specific objectives of this programme are three-fold:

  • Guide corporate/public sector employees to make rational business/policy decisions.
  • Promote employment in National and International Organizations by providing opportunities to acquire the required postgraduate qualifications.
  • Guide graduate students to pursue their Doctoral studies.

Option A: With Specialization Areas

Duration: 02 Years

Course Work: 36 Credits

Thesis Research: 24 Credits

Total Credits: 60 Credits

Option B: General

Duration: 02 Years

Course Work: 45 Credits

Thesis Research: 15 Credits

Total Credits: 60 Credits

New Intake: Call for applications in early January each year

Link to Apply:

Contact Details:

Dr. Janaka Fernando

Coordinator (MSc (BEc))

Senior Lecturer
Department of Business Economics, FMSC, USJ

Mobile: +94 71 4 191 996

Office: +94 11 2 802 005 / +94 11 2 758 841