The Department of Business Economics offers a degree programme which empowers the undergraduates to excel in both theoretical knowledge as well as real life applications of Economics. Its uniqueness stands at the blend of Business Management with Economics. In today’s dynamic business environment and with the ever challenging economic trends, the combination of these two disciplines are pivotal for decision makers, be they engage in the private sector or the public sector. The programme consists of a wide array of subjects from business management and economics. Apart from the common business management subjects, it covers Economics subjects such as Managerial Economics, Financial Economics, Money and Banking, Development Economics, Econometrics, International Economics and Project Management. Furthermore the Department lays high emphasis on research studies and it becomes a stepping stone for our undergraduates for their further studies as well as careers in the fields of Policy making, Research Analysis etc. The Department also gives priority to the development of soft skills of the undergraduates such as teamwork, communication skills and leadership qualities by offering two skill development programmes, whilst giving special attention to the improvement of English language communication skills. As a whole this programme is designed in such a way that undergraduates will be able to acquire skills and competencies required by the competitive job market.


Dr. (Mrs.) Dinesha Siriwardhane

Head of Department

Department of Business Economics