Master of Philosophy in Business Economics (MPhil (BEc))

The structure of the MPhil. programme is summarized below:

Duration: 02 Years

Course work: Compulsory

Dissertation: 60 Credits

Medium of Instructions: English

The MPhil. programme consists of preliminary coursework and a dissertation in which coursework are supplementary to the dissertation. Hence, preliminary coursework will not be considered for the credit calculations. The structure of the MPhil Programme is presented in the below Table.

Programme Structure

A candidate needs to follow the steps mentioned below to complete the MPhil. programme in two years;

  1. *Successfully complete the taught courses; MBE 5104 and MBE 5105, and defend the proposal by the end of semester one of Year One.
  2. Successfully complete MBE 6001 Graduate Seminar in Business Economics I, by the end of Year One.
  3. Successfully complete MBE 6002 Graduate Seminar in Business Economics II, by the end of semester one of the Year Two
  4. ** Publish major findings of the research in at least one indexed journal or two refereed journals. The candidate needs to produce the letter of acceptance mentioning the article will be published in forthcoming issue of the journal in the event when there is a delay in getting the printed version of the journal.
  5. Submit the dissertation for assessment by the stipulated deadline.
  6. Defend the dissertation at the viva-voce.
  7. Submit the dissertation (MBE 6003: MPhil. Dissertation) by the deadline, addressing all comments raised at the final viva-voce if any.

* MPhil students may attend other lectures in the MBE programme with the approval of the principal supervisor. This will help students to acquire the expected expertise in the respective research area.  

** Please note that the publications should be joint work of student and supervisors, hence, the names of the student (First author), principal supervisor and co-supervisor(s) should appear in publications. One research paper in an indexed journal or two referred journal papers is the minimum requirement for graduation. Supervisors may encourage their students to publish more than one research paper in indexed or peer reviewed journals or as book chapters. In addition, supervisors should encourage their students to present the research findings in local and/or international conferences.

Conference (both local and foreign) participation fee of Rs.20,000.00 per student will be provided by the programme.