Dr. (Mrs.) Dinesha Siriwardhane

Dr. (Mrs.) Dinesha Siriwardhane

Name: Dr. (Mrs.) D.R.J. Siriwardhane

Designation: Senior Lecturer

Academic Qualifications:

B.A. Econ. (Special) (SJP); PG. Dip. Bus. Stat (SJP); MA (Econ) (Colombo), M.Sc. (Mgt) (SJP), Ph.D. (Colombo)

Research and Publications:  https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Dinesha_Siriwardhane

Remittances from International Labour Migrants and the Standard of Living of the Left behind Households in Sri Lanka, Vidyodaya Journal of Management, Vol.3 (1) 2016

Dynamics of International Labour Migration of Sri Lanka: Sri Lankan Journal of Advanced Social Studies, Vol.1 (2014)

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Participation of Females in the Sri Lanka Labour Force, Economic Review, Vol.38(7& 8), Oct./Nov. 2012, People’s Bank, Sri Lanka.

Labour Migration from Sri Lanka to Middle East: Evolution and Emerging Challenges, paper presented at 3rd Research Symposium on Youth and Social Transformation the Power, Opportunities and Challenges held on 17th and 18th November 2016

International Remittances in Improving Household Economic Well-Being: The Case of Sri Lanka, paper presented at the  Sri Lanka Forum of University Economists (SLFUE) – Sri Lanka Economics Research Conference 2015

Education and female labour force participation in Sri Lanka, paper presented International Conference on Promoting Socio-economic Equity in South Asia: Challenges and Prospects, July 15-16, 2015 organized by National Science Foundation.

International Labour Migration, Remittances and Economic Security of the Households left behind: Case of Sri Lanka, abstract published in the International Annual Research Symposium of Engineering Social Transformation through Research and Development, organized by National Centre of Advanced Studies, Sri Lanka, 2015

Increasing Family Disputes and Divorce in Modern Sri Lanka: Is Labour Migration a Key Contributor?, paper presented in Swedish South Asian Studies Network (SUSNET) conference on Structural Transformation of South Asia, 2014

Labour Migration: Consequence of one-parent family on the Well-being of their Children in Sri Lanka, paper presented on International Conference on Growing up in one-parent family in Asia, at Asia Research Institute Singapore, 2014

International Remittances of Sri Lankan Labour Migrants: Channels of Transfer and Its Contribution to their Household Income, Paper presented in paper presented at the Annual Research Symposium, National Centre for Advanced Studies, 21st March 2014

Gender Dimension of Remittance Behaviour; Towards a New Remittance Estimation Method, paper presented in Annual Research Symposium, organized by Faculty of Graduate Studies, University of Colombo, Sri Lanka

Female Dominance to Male Dominance: Changing Sex Structure of the labour Migrants and the Remittances Flow to Sri Lanka, Paper presented in the Sri Lankans on the Move: International Conference on Migration, organized by National Science Foundation, Sri Lanka, 2012

Phone (Office): 0112802005

E-mail: d.siriwardhane@sjp.ac.lk