Internship Mentoring Session – 2020

The Centre for Accounting Internship and Skill Development (CAISD) and Accounting and Financial Management Association (AFMA) of the Department of Accounting has organized a Mentoring Session for the Second Year students of the Department with the participation of four prominent Alumni members of the Department holding important positions in audit and corporate sectors in the diverse sectors of the economy. In this session, the Alumni members are expected to share their internship experiences, explain the expectations of employers and the diverse internship opportunities available for the accounting undergraduates. The main objective of this session is to provide required knowledge to assist the students to make a proper choice as to the training placement, reap the maximum benefit out of internship and face effectively any challenges that they would encounter when undergoing internship. This Mentoring Session will be moderated by Snr. Prof. Samanthi Senaratne.