‘Nonimi Diyawara’ Community Development Project

Third year undergraduates of the Department of Business Administration organized ‘Nonini Diyawara’ project under the BEC 3324: Project Management course offered by the Department of Business Economics. The project was implemented in Ekneligoda North village in Kuruwita to provide the villagers with drinking water. The people living in the hill side of the village were receiving water supply through a water supply scheme from Soodagoda Ella. However, due to population growth people had to find alternative ways to get water supply as the capacity of the scheme was not sufficient. Soodagoda Ella scheme had two interconnected water tanks. However, the connection interrupted as the subscribers of the small tank were increasing.  As a solution, the project established a direct water supply line to the small tank from Soodagoda Ella. Additionally, water meters have been fixed for each house to measure water consumption.

Situation prior to the project

Situation after the project