The Annual General Meeting of BIZCON- 2024

The Annual General Meeting of BIZCON- 2024

The 18th Annual General Meeting of the Business Economics Students’ Association (BIZCON) of the Department of Business Economics, University of Sri Jayewardenepura, took place on the 7th of March 2024 at the K.A Munasinghe Hall, resonating with a spirit of renewal and continuity. The event marked a pivotal moment in the association’s journey, as leadership transitioned from the outgoing Executive Committee to the new Board of Officials for the term 2024.

The event was graced by Dr. Janaka Fernando, Head of the Department of Business Economics, whose words of encouragement reaffirmed the Department’s unwavering support for the endeavors of BIZCON in the upcoming term. Senior lecturers and lecturers of the department were also present at the occasion to impart their blessings for the success of the upcoming term.

Dr. Ananda Rathnayake was appointed as the Senior Treasurer, while Mr. Pasindu Dissanayake, was appointed as the Association in-charge for the forthcoming term. In his address, Dr. Ratnayake set a tone of encouragement and unity, extending his heartfelt wishes for the association to reach new heights.

The newly appointed Board of Officials for the term 2024 are as follows:

• President – Lihini Harischandra

• Secretary – Anujini Perera

• Vice President – Eranda Buddika

• Vice President – Shalitha Dhanushka

• Assistant Secretary – Asirini Nirupama

• Assistant Secretary – Nidarsha Sandamini

• Junior Treasurer – Mihan Weerasena

• Editorial Director – Pawanya Balasooriya

• Project Director – EconInsight 2024 – Lahiru Peiris

• Project Director – J’pura Expo – Sanuri Reshma

• Project Director – Cultural and CSR – Abilakshi Herath

• Project Director – Ikonomica – Buddhi Gaveshani

• Project Director – ACBE Conference 2025 – Agana Dassanayake

• Project Director – Educational & Skills Development – Senumi Rivinhara

• Media & IT Director – Deshan Kanishka

The successful conclusion of the event marked the resilience of the association and its unwavering commitment to fostering a vibrant community of business economics scholars.

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