Flincon’24: Fostering Unity and Welcoming New Beginnings at the Department of Business Economics

Flincon’24: Fostering Unity and Welcoming New Beginnings at the Department of Business Economics

On March 13th, 2024, the Department of Business Economics at the University of Sri Jayewardenepura came alive with the vibrant energy of Flincon’24—an eagerly anticipated mini-welcome event organized by third-year undergraduates. This event, held at the lower university grounds, marked a special occasion as it warmly greeted the incoming second-year batch, setting the stage for a year filled with camaraderie, shared experiences, and academic growth.

A Day of Joy and Community:
Flincon’24 was a celebration of unity and belonging within the department. From the moment attendees stepped onto the grounds, they were greeted with smiles and excitement, creating an atmosphere of warmth and inclusivity. Throughout the day, students engaged in various activities, games, and interactive sessions, forging new friendships and strengthening bonds with their peers. It was a day filled with joyous moments and shared experiences, cementing the sense of community that lies at the heart of the Department of Business Economics.

Honored Guests and Distinguished Speakers:
The event was graced by esteemed guests, including Dr. Dushan Jayawickrama, Dean of the Faculty of Management Studies and Commerce, and Dr. Janaka Fernando, Head of the Department of Business Economics. Their presence, alongside that of Dr. Ananda Ratnayake and senior lecturers, added prestige and significance to Flincon’24. Their words of encouragement and wisdom resonated with attendees, inspiring them to embark on their academic journey with determination and enthusiasm.

Farewell with Fond Memories:
As the sun began to set on Flincon’24, students bid farewell with cherished memories and a renewed sense of belonging. The event had not only succeeded in welcoming the new batch but had also laid the foundation for a year of growth, collaboration, and achievement within the Department of Business Economics. Whether through team-building activities, insightful discussions, or simply moments of laughter and camaraderie, Flincon’24 had left an indelible mark on all who attended.

A Spirit of Unity and Continuity:
Flincon’24 was more than just a welcome event—it was a testament to the spirit of unity and continuity that defines the Department of Business Economics. As students departed, they carried with them not only the memories of the day but also a sense of pride in belonging to a community dedicated to academic excellence and mutual support. With Flincon’24 as a beacon of inspiration, students looked forward to the journey ahead, knowing that they were part of something truly special.

In conclusion, Flincon’24 was a resounding success, heralding the beginning of a new chapter in the lives of second-year students and reinforcing the bonds of friendship and collaboration within the Department of Business Economics. As they embark on their academic journey, students carry with them the spirit of Flincon’24—a spirit of unity, inclusion, and shared purpose that will continue to guide them towards success and fulfillment in the years to come.

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