The degree programme, which is specifically designed to bridge the gap between theory and practice in the area of Economics directly relevant to the businesses, aims to develop undergraduates according to the industry requirements of both the fields; Management and Economics.

The successful completion of this degree programme provides the undergraduates with a firm base in economic theory and skills in management which enable them to perform better in the decision making process in any organization. The Department facilitates the development of the undergraduates’ skills in research, analysis, communication, teamwork and decision making in order to enhance personal, social and national development.

Graduate Profile

The B.Sc. Business Administration (Business Economics) (Special) degree programme is a blend of Management and Business Economics disciplines. A graduate of this degree programme should possess both theoretical knowledge as well as the skill to apply that knowledge in real life. Hence, the graduate should be competent in rational decision making to face today’s dynamic environment and challenging economic trends irrespective of the sector of occupation  i.e., private or public. Researching should be an important part of the life of that graduate. The graduate should contribute for the social, national as well as for the global well-being by researching contemporary issues and by giving recommendations to overcome those issues. In order to be a graduate with those qualities, he/she should be competent in analytical thinking, communication skills especially in English language, team work, leadership, and policy making, implementation and evaluation. Ultimate goal of this degree programme is to build employable graduates who enhance personal, social, national as well as global development.

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Department of Business Economics
Faculty of Management Studies & Commerce
University of Sri Jayewardenepura

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Degree Programme News

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