ME-Expo 2017 – the Industrial Exhibition of Department of Business Economics

BEC 3324: Managerial Economics course offered by the Department of Business Economics provides the understanding with the application of economic theory in order to achieve organizational objectives most efficiently and effectively. The course is received by six departments of the faculty and more than 600 students are following this.

As a part of the continuous assignments, an industrial exhibition; ME-Expo 2017 was taken place on the 31st March 2017 at the premises of Faculty of Management Studies and Commerce.

The objectives of this were giving an understanding of practical application of economic tools in business firm’s decision making and improving the various  data presentation  skills and other communication skills of the undergraduates.

Students were required to select a product or a service from the industry and conduct an in-depth consumer survey on that product or service. Thereafter, the students are expected to analyse the data and information and present their findings at this industrial exhibition trough a poster. The key areas covered were Demand Estimation and Demand Forecasting.