J’PURA EXPO 2023 made a triumphant service for the second consecutive year, captivating audiences on the 14th  and 17th  of December. This grand occasion featured seven remarkable events held at the prestigious University of Sri Jayewardenepura and the magnificent Mihilaka Madura premises of BMICH.

The first phase, held at the university’s premises, was an enthralling affair. The ExpoGenius Quest: Inter-university Innovation Competition kicked off the proceedings with its final round, setting the stage for a thrilling display of ingenuity. The Inauguration ceremony of J’PURA EXPO 2023 followed suit, gracing the Sumangala Hall with its presence. During this momentous occasion, the launch of the J’PURA EXPO magazine and Book of Guide on financing Export-oriented SMEs added a touch of sophistication to the event. The Industry Forum, themed “Navigating Growth: Elevating Export Competitiveness,” was a captivating highlight of the day. With an esteemed panel comprising Ms. Thilaka Jayasumdara (Secretary of Ministry of Industries), Dr. Kingsely Bernard (Chairman and CEO of Sri Lanka Export Development Board), Mr. Sudattha Silva (Additional Director General of Sri Lanka Customs), Mr. Sarath Ganegoda (Executive Director of Hayles PLC), Ms. Taniya Abysundara (President of Sri Lankan United Business Association and Ceylon United Business Alliance) and moderated by Prof. Sumudu Perera (Department of Busines Economics, University of Sri Jayewardenepura) the forum delved into insightful discussions on propelling export competitiveness to greater heights.

The second phase of J’PURA EXPO 2023 unfolded at the Mihilaka Madura premises of BMICH on the 17th  of December. The Export Product Fair and Exporters’ Hub took center stage during the opening ceremony, providing a platform for small and medium-sized exporters from across the island to showcase their exceptional products. The Exporters’ Hub featured a distinguished lineup of experts, including Mr. Aminda Lakmal (Senior Lecturer, Department of Marketing Management, FMSC, USJ), Mr. Dilan Rathnayake (Senior Lecturer, Department of Marketing Management, FMSC, USJ), Prof. M.A. Jagath Wansapala (Professor, Department of Food Science and Technology, USJ), Dr. W.L.I. Wijesekara (Senior Lecturer, Department of Food Science and Technology, USJ), Mr. Malintha Gajanayaka (Head of Corporate Affairs / Export Promotions at Delegation of German Industry and Commerce in Sri Lanka (AHK Sri Lanka)), Mr. Chaminda Pathiraja (Additional Secretary (Thrust Are Development), Ministry of Industries), Mr. Ranjith Wimalasooriya (Additional Secretary (Restructuring and Public Enterprises), Ministry of Industries), Mr. K.M. Rizvi (Director (Public Enterprises), Ministry of Industries), Mr. Sanjeewa Pattiwila and Representatives from Department of Commerce (Actg. Director of Commerce, Department of Commerce), Mrs. Anoma Premathilake (Director Marketing, Export Development Board), Mrs. Indumini Kodikara (Director- Export Services, Export Development Board), Mrs. Manoja Dissanayake (Actg. Director–Industrial Products, Export Development Board), Mr. G.P.N. Mahesh Abesekara (Additional Secretary (Policy Development), Ministry of Industries) ,Ms. Inoka De Alwis (Director Policy II, Ministry of Industries), Ms. Nalani Balasubramaniam (Director Sector III, Ministry of Industries), Mrs. O.M.C. Kumudinie Mudalige (Director-Policy & Strategic Planning, Export Development Board), Mrs. Sriyani Sepalika Jayawardhana (Director-Regional Development, Export Development Board), Mr. Janak Sanjeewa Badugama (Director Export Agriculture Export Development Board), Mr. Gopikrishna Selvananthan (Member of the Board of Advisors, Sencom Europe C-Corp, Holland, Netherlands).

These events were truly a celebration of innovation and collaboration, uniting industry leaders, experts, and aspiring entrepreneurs in a shared vision of elevating export competitiveness and fostering growth.

On the same vibrant day, as the sun cast its golden glow over the Mihilaka Madura premises of BMICH, an enlightening session on safe labor migration commenced at 9:00 a.m. The esteemed panel, featuring luminaries such as Mr. Nishantha Warnasooriya, the National Project Coordinator at ILO Sri Lanka, and Ms. Sesath Thambugala, Deputy Chief of Mission at the Embassy of Sri Lanka in Japan, shed light on the crucial aspects of ensuring the safety and well-being of our migrant workers. Joining them were Mr. Imthath Basar, Senior Project Coordinator at IOM Sri Lanka, and Mr. Nikaril Kanth, Senior Assistant Secretary at the Development Division of the Ministry of Labor and Foreign Employment, who added their invaluable insights to the discussion.

Following this impactful session, a Workshop on Empowering SMEs to E-platform took center stage, igniting the atmosphere with a fervor for innovation and digital transformation. The workshop’s first session, led by the dynamic Mr. Aminda Lakmal, Senior Lecturer at the Department of Marketing Management, FMSC, USJ, delved into the intricacies of leveraging e-platforms to empower small and medium enterprises. This was followed by an engaging session conducted by the visionary Mr. Chandika Witharana, Chief Executive Officer at Asia Pacific Institute of Business Analytics (Pvt) Ltd, who unveiled the potential of e-platforms in revolutionizing business operations.

The grand finale of the workshop featured a riveting session on LEAP (Digital Ecosystem) by Commercial Bank and their Digital Products, captivating the audience with a glimpse into the future of digital commerce. As the day unfolded with these transformative sessions, it became abundantly clear that the J’PURA EXPO 2023 was not just an event but a catalyst for change and progress in the world of business and commerce.

Detailed descriptions for each event are available below.

Forum on Navigating Growth: Elevating Export Competitiveness

The first day of J’pura Expo 2023 kicked off with an industry forum themed “Navigating Growth: Elevating Export Competitiveness.” This forum brought together industry experts, academics, and policymakers to discuss strategies for elevating Sri Lanka’s export competitiveness. It was an opportunity to gain insights and network with individuals who will be shaping the future of the country’s export sector.

ExpoGenius Quest: Inter-university Innovation Competition

Innovation is the heart of economic growth and development. To foster creativity and entrepreneurship, J’pura Expo 2023 featured an innovation competition for undergraduates from Sri Lankan state universities. Participants had the chance to showcase their innovative ideas, products, or services, competing for recognition and valuable prizes.

Publication of a Standard Book on Guide on financing Export-oriented SMEs

Knowledge sharing is key to progress. As a part of J’pura Expo 2023, a standard booklet was published, offering valuable information and best practices for businesses looking to thrive in the export sector. This resource serves as a guide for both budding entrepreneurs and established companies seeking to enhance their export strategies.

Publication of “J’pura Expo -2022” Magazine

This magazine included in-depth descriptions of our earlier initiatives, providing insightful information about our dedication to progress and innovation. It also contained transcripts of the insightful export policy review forum event. Additionally, the success tales from the remarkable SME proprietors who attended our product fair, highlighting their path to success and wealth. A compelling and insightful publication that captured our commitment to empowerment and growth was released.

Workshop on Empowering SMEs to E-Platforms

SMEs are the backbone of any economy. The workshop on the second day of J’pura Expo 2023 focused on empowering SMEs to transition into the digital era. E-platforms offer endless opportunities for SMEs to expand their reach, and this workshop provided them with the knowledge and tools needed to succeed in the digital marketplace.

Exporters’ Hub

The Exporters’ Hub at the BMICH was a central point for businesses looking to explore export opportunities. This hub connected local exporters with potential partners and customers from around the world, facilitating networking and collaboration that could lead to significant growth.

Export Product Fair

The Export Product Fair showcased Sri Lanka’s finest exports, providing businesses with the opportunity to display their products to a broad audience, attracting potential buyers and investors. This fair promoted Sri Lankan exports and opened up new markets for these products.

Awareness Session on Safe Labor Migration Ensuring the safety and welfare of Sri Lankan migrant workers was a vital concern. J’pura Expo 2023 included an awareness session on safe labor migration, addressing the challenges faced by potential migrants seeking job opportunities abroad and the support available to them. This session underlined the commitment to protecting the interests of the workforce.