Best Student’s Experience – Ms. Amanda Perera

Selecting the Business Economics degree programme offered by the Department of Business Economics of the Faculty of Management Studies and Commerce is a milestone in my life and I can confidently say that it is one of the best decisions I have made. The well qualified and experienced lecture panel and the well-organized curriculum guarantee a clear and stable future for the students. It is an interesting and well balanced curriculum which includes many activities like guest lecture series, industry visits, field visits, seminars and workshops to provide industrial exposure together with the academic exposure to the students. In addition to the academic exposure, the department offers various opportunities to the students to brush up their soft skills and competencies including residential workshop for skill development. The other most valued aspect of this degree programme is the great opportunity provided to the students to engage actively in projects which are aimed at serving the community and fulfill the duties as an undergraduate to the society at its best. Students are provided a thorough understanding and practice on research and analysis which is another key attribute of the degree which distinguishes it from the other degree programmes. I consider it as a worthwhile opportunity to obtain a business economics degree which helps to reach heights in the corporate world with knowledge in both Management and Economics. It is a great honour for me to be a part of the Bizcon family and I am really grateful to all of the lecturers of my department for the great support and guidance provided to me throughout the degree programme.

Ms. Gamage Amanda Nishamini Perera

B.Sc. in Business Administration (Business Economics) (Special)

Gold Medal Winner – 2011/2012 Batch

Top 13th of the Faculty of Management Studies and Commerce – 2011/2012 Batch

ICASL Prize Winner