Unveiling Economic Insights: Dr. Ananda Rathnayake’s Literary Journey of Seven Books

Unveiling Economic Insights: Dr. Ananda Rathnayake’s Literary Journey of Seven Books


In the dynamic field of business economics, the scholarly contributions of individuals can significantly shape our understanding of economic landscapes. Dr. Ananda Rathnayake, a distinguished Senior Lecturer in the Department of Business Economics, has marked his academic journey with a remarkable feat – the publication of seven insightful books. This article explores the depth of Dr. Rathnayake’s work, shedding light on the subjects he teaches and the broader economic context of Sri Lanka.

The Journey of Seven Books:

Over a span of four years, Dr. Ananda Rathnayake’s tireless dedication has borne fruit in the form of seven impactful books. Three of these works are crafted with precision for his university students, providing invaluable resources related to the subjects he passionately teaches. The remaining four books extend their relevance beyond academia, offering readers a window into the economic intricacies of Sri Lanka.

Dr. Rathnayake’s Literary Contributions:

  1. Economics of Innovations: This book explores the dynamics of innovation and their economic implications, providing a comprehensive understanding of the role of innovation in economic growth.
  2. Foreign Exchange Crisis in Sri Lanka: A critical examination of the challenges posed by foreign exchange crises, offering insights into their impact on Sri Lanka’s economic stability.
  3. Effectiveness of Poverty and Welfare Programs in Sri Lanka: Assessing the efficacy of poverty alleviation initiatives and welfare programs, Dr. Rathnayake delves into the socio-economic landscape of Sri Lanka.
  4. Money and Banking: A detailed exploration of monetary systems and banking within the Sri Lankan economic context, elucidating the critical role of financial institutions.
  5. Monetary Economics: Examining the principles and applications of monetary policy, this book provides a comprehensive overview of the monetary aspects shaping Sri Lanka’s economy.
  6. Development of Sri Lanka after Independence: A historical journey through the economic development of Sri Lanka post-independence, offering insights into the nation’s growth trajectory.
  7. Is Sri Lanka on its Deathbed near the Mountain of Debt?: A critical examination of the nation’s debt situation and its potential ramifications, addressing a crucial aspect of Sri Lanka’s economic landscape.

Future Endeavors:

Dr. Ananda Rathnayake’s commitment to knowledge dissemination is further emphasized by his upcoming project – the submission of Sinhala translations of his works. This initiative aims to make his insightful economic perspectives more accessible to a broader audience, fostering a deeper understanding of economic principles.


Dr. Ananda Rathnayake’s seven books not only showcase his academic prowess but also serve as beacons of knowledge for students, researchers, and anyone keen on understanding the economic dynamics of Sri Lanka. As his literary journey continues, one can anticipate the continued impact of his contributions in shaping economic discourse and fostering a more informed society.