Infinity 3.0

Infinity 3.0

The Grand Finale of INFINITY 2022 was held on 07th of January 2022 where winners of the interuniversity case study competition were announced with great pleasure. ‘Team Dauntless’ from University of Moratuwa were crowned champions, ‘Team Deciders’ from University of Moratuwa were crowned 1st runner-up and ‘Team Strickers’ from University of Colombo were crowned 2nd runner-up.

INFINITY is a case study competition initiated by the Commerce Society (COMSO) of Department of Commerce in 2019. Main purpose of this competition is to enhance the practical application of analytical and technical knowledge possessed by the undergraduates of University of Sri Jayewardenepura.

INFINITY 3.0 has been an innovative milestone in the infinity saga. The Department of Commerce decided to add new elements to its competition to raise the undergraduates voice in Sri Lanka. This year the organizing committee has taken a main economic problem in Sri Lankan which has not been addressed with a formidable solution in the agriculture sector. In addition to that, the committee has been on a mission to accomplish the sustainability of the nation by using undergraduate theoretical and practical knowledge.

36 teams from 12 universities participated for the premilitary round crowning INFINITY 3.0 as the largest inter university case study competition in Sri Lanka. After completing the initial 2 stages of the competition successfully, 5 teams representing 3 Universities made it to the Grand Finale to face the challenge and find the ultimate solution to the agricultural problem in Sri Lanka.

This entire event would not have been possible without the support of

 Lions Club of Colombo Centennial                          – The platinum partner.

· RoyalCert International Registrars GmbH             – The gold partner.

· Asiri Group                                                                   – The silver partner and,

· IDEAs Consultancy (Pvt) Ltd.                                    – The marketing partner.