Best Student Experience: Ms. Sunari Bandara

“One of the best choices I have made in life is selecting the Business Economics degree offered by the Department of Business Economics in the Faculty of Management Studies and Commerce. The knowledge and experiences I gathered while being an undergraduate of the Department, both in the academic and extra curricular activities are priceless and unique. The guidance of the well-qualified and experienced panel of lecturers, and the wide array of subjects covered throughout the degree programme along with the numerous opportunities for soft skills development, moulds a great  graduate, excelling at economics and Management at large. It has been a great pleasure being a part of BIZCON Family and engaging in all the community development programmes and extra curricular activities organized by the Department. My heartfelt gratitude goes to all the lecturers of the Department for the guidance and loving support they have extended towards me throughout my time at the university.”

Sunari Wimansa Bandara

NIBM Gold Medal Recipient (2012/13 Batch)

Highest GPA holder of the Faculty of Management Studies and Commerce (2012/13 Batch)

Assistant Secretary of the Business Economics Students’ Association (BIZCON) (2016)