‘Nanasa’ Community Development Project

Third year undergraduates of the Department of Business Administration successfully completed a community development project under the BEC 3324: Project Management offered by the Department of Business Economics. This was aimed at upgrading the standards of the library of the WP/Mathu/Lihiniyawa Junior School in Kaluthara District. The location selected by the school as the library was initially a class room with half build walls. Moreover, the room was lacking enough space. Therefore, the project team had to construct the walls, and to fix a door and windows newly. Additionally, the library had not possessed sufficient quantity of books. Hence, the team has purchased 152 new books worth of Rs. 25000 and the cost was financed through a pen selling project. Apart from that the students have collected books from university colleagues, neighbors and relations. Students have donated 636 books in total and the books were selected under the instructions provided by the Principal and teachers of the school. Lack of required furniture also had been an issue faced by the school to continue operations of the library. After identifying that requirement, the project team donated a television for educational purposes, necessary tables, chairs and fans.

Parallel to this library development project, undergraduates have conducted a seminar on Mathematics for the G.C.E. (Ordinary Level) candidates of the school who have faced many difficulties related to the subject. The seminar has been conducted by the undergraduates themselves.

Situation prior to the project

While implementing the project

Situation after the project

Seminar Session