Annual Drama Festival “Ko Kuk Ko”

Staged at Kottawa Dharmapala Vidyalaya on 11th June 2015

The annual drama festival which is the main event in the annual calendar of BIZCON was held for the fifth consecutive time in a successful manner. The stage drama “Ko Kuk Ko” which was directed by Mr. Mihira Sirithilaka was held on 11th of June 2015 at Kottawa Dharmapala Vidyalaya.

The organizing activities were completely performed by the students of the Department of Business Economics under the guidance of lecturers of the department. Starting from planning to fund raising, promotions, ticket sales and Hall arrangement were all carried out by separate committees formed by the students.

The annual drama festival has resulted in improvement of organizing skills of our students. They had learnt to work together as a team and move forward through conflicting situations successfully. Many challenges were faced by the students; Competition from I.T students’ drama (“Lorance ge Manamali”) and their promotions, financial difficulties, unable to stage drama at Bandaranayaka hall (USJP) due to unexpected closure of university premises on 11th June 2015; however they worked hard and successfully completed the project. This project resulted in teaching students the practical side of managing a project and people, where it showed what management really is by organizing same event excellently at a different place, the lessons learnt are inevitable.

 After facing many challenges the project was successful in terms of financial aspect too. Total profit amounts to 240,031 where students wish to direct these funds towards a worthy cause under the guidance of the lecturers.

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