Rural Development Project of BEC 3324

The Department of Business Economics offers BEC 3324: Project Management course for the third (3rd) year students from the Departments of Business Economics, Business Administration and Finance. Under the course, the students are required to undertake Rural Development Projects as their group assignments. For the year 2016, the panel of lecturers has decided to establish all the projects in Pareigama village which belongs to Walallawita DS division, Kalutara district. The selection of the village was based on the poverty level statistics. Students were allocated into 61 groups and they engaged in 12 development projects as follows.

  • Nanasala Development Project
  • Monika Pre-school Development Project
  • Volleyball Court Development Project
  • Wattegedara Water Project
  • Wannigewatta Water Project
  • School Development Project
  • Clinic Development Project
  • Metta Pre-school Development Project
  • Sunday School Development Project
  • Multi-purpose Community Hall Development Project
  • Youth Empowerment Project
  • Women Empowerment Project

Opening Ceremony of those projects was held recently at Sri Jinadharmaramaya Temple, Pareigama with the participation of Dr. U. Anura Kumara, Dean of the Faculty as the Chief Guest.