The Research Centre for Management Studies and Commerce is dedicated to foster management related research work at the Faculty of Management Studies and Commerce. It facilitates to conduct research on academic and national issues related to management, enables the Faculty to forge links with the industry, promotes postgraduate and post-doctoral level research, and encourage visiting scholars to collaborate in research pursuits with the Faculty. It is anticipated that these, in turn, will contribute towards the economic development of the country.

Mission of the Centre

The mission of the Centre is to be a prime center for management research; knowledge creation and dissemination.

Objectives of the Center


  1. To promote and facilitate the development of new research initiatives including sub-research centers and to enhance the broad based and collaborative research efforts through single or multi-disciplinary fields.
  2. To establish strong links between FMSC and the industry in terms of research and consultancy work, including the government, private and the SME sector.

Activities of the center

The Center implements the activities approved by the Faculty Research Committee. The activities to be carried out by the Centre include;


  • Co-ordinate research and related activities of the research clusters identified in the Faculty.
  • Promote research among the academic staff of the Faculty.
  • Facilitate the researchers in publishing their research, attending conferences and other research related activities.
  • Develop links between the Faculty and the industry, public sector, private sector and SME sector in related areas of research and consultancy.
  • Promote collaborations with local and international universities and research institutes.
  • Facilitate and conduct research conferences.
  • Conduct training programs to enhance the research skills of the staff.
  • Promote a collaborative environment for management related research between the academic staff and postgraduate students working together on common interests.
  • Attract leading researchers/ scholars to work in the Faculty for extended periods (postdoctoral/ sabbatical).

Research Clusters

The Centre has established twelve research clusters (listed in Table below) to promote research culture among the academic staff. Each cluster covers the broader area in management discipline. By undertaking rigorous research initiative, the clusters are expected to solve practical issues in industries as well as contribute to theoretical development in the management discipline.


No. Track Track Coordinator
1    Business Strategy, Competition, Ethics and Social and Environmental Responsibilities    Dr. K.A.S.K. Kariyapperuma
Dr. M. D. Pushpakumari
2    Public Policy and Governance    Dr. M. K. H. G. A. Sisira Kumara
3    Marketing    Dr. J. W. D. Chaminda
4    Economics, Trade and Commerce    Dr. P.P. Lalanie
5    Entrepreneurship and Business Creation    Dr. R. N. Weerasinghe
6    Human Resource Management and Organizational Behaviour    Dr. N. W. K. D. K. Dayaratna
7    Innovation, Operations and Quality Management    Dr. C.W. Chaturani Silva
8    Real Estate and Property Development    Dr. N. C. Wickramaarachchi
9    Information Technology and Information Systems    Dr. K. S. L. Gunawardane
10    Accounting and Managerial Finance    Dr. D. Ambalangodage
11    Finance, Financial Markets and Institutions    Prof. A. G. C. Gunathilaka
12    Indigenous Knowledge and Sustainable Development    Prof. U Anura Kumara


Services Offered by the Centre

The Centre provides following services to conduct research on academic and national issues:


  • Maintaining research-related resource pool
  • Facilitating the meetings for research groups
  • Conducting workshops / discussion sessions on important aspects
  • Linking researchers with appropriate resource persons to obtain support
  • Guiding the development of research proposals other documents
  • Sharing information/knowledge relevant to research projects
  • Facilitating to publish working paper series on ongoing research projects


Completed Research Projects


Project Title Key Investigator Offered Year
   A study on Time Management Skills and Academic Success of University Lecturers in State Universities in Sri Lanka Dr. T. L. Sajeewanie 2016
   An Empirical Analysis of Students’ Activism: Exploring Strategies for Managing Students Movement in State Universities in Sri Lanka. Snr. Prof. R. L. S. Fernando 2018
   The Dividend Puzzle: A Triangulated Investigation in an Emerging and Developing Market Impact of Green Intellectual Capital Practices on the Financial Performances of the Listed Companies in Sri Lanka. Prof. Y. K. Weerakoon Banda 2018
   Knowledge Management in Public Institutions in Sri Lanka Ms. Dileepa Wedage 2018


Ongoing research projects


Project Title Key Investigator Offered Year
Effectiveness of the University Life for Student’s Spiritual Transformation Prof. U. Anura Kumara 2018




Dr. K.P. Lalith Chandralal, B. Com (Special)(USJP), M.Sc. in Management (USJP), PhD (UNE), is a senior lecturer attached to the Department of Marketing Management (DMM), University of Sri Jayewardenepura. He has engaged in both academic and industrial research and immensely contributed to the enhancement of the knowledge in Marketing and Management disciplines. He has disseminated such knowledge through publications and teaching during the last two decades. His research interests are mainly on experience marketing, destination image, sustainable tourism and memorable tourism experiences.



Dr. Vilani Sachitra is a senior lecturer attached to the Department of Commerce, Faculty of Management Studies and Commerce, University of Sri Jayewardenepura, Sri Lanka. Her research interests are mainly on international competitiveness, agribusiness and capability approach. Currently, she has published twenty eight indexed journal articles, twenty five conference papers, two text books and book chapter. Follow her on vilani@sjp.ac.lk

Research Assistant


Mr. B.T.K. Chathuranga
Research Assistant
Email: btk@sjp.ac.lk


For more information, please contact:

Dr. K. P. Lalith Chandralal
Email: rcmsc@sjp.ac.lk., kpl@sjp.ac.lk

Dr. Vilani Sachitra
Email: rcmsc@sjp.ac.lk,  vilani@sjp.ac.lk

Faculty Research Center,
Faculty of Management Studies and Commerce,
University of Sri Jayewardenepura,
Sri Lanka.
Phone: (94) 11-2758000 (Ext- 3029), Intercom: 3029
Fax: (94) 11-2803653


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