Faculty of Management Studies and Commerce (FMSC) welcomes students wishing to study in Sri Lanka who are not Sri Lankan or Permanent Residents.

We are a dynamic, leading, forward-looking and modern faculty that has been the gateway to success for over 50,000 students. We are largest management faculty in the Sri Lankan University system and known as Excellence in Management Education in Sri Lanka.During nearlyour 60 years of academic excellence, the faculty has spearheaded the development of management education through different programmes designed to meet the needs of the global economy and business needs. Currently, we provide a range of specialization opportunities in management, namely, Accounting, Finance, Business Administration, Marketing Management, Business Economics, Public Administration, Operations Management, Decision Science, Information Technology, Entrepreneurship, Estate Management and Valuation and also a B.com degree programme. These academic programmes offer about 300 course units for undergraduate degree programme.

In addition, we are constantly scanning what is happening in the world and translating dynamics in the world into challenging, realistic, and highly practical courses that prepare students for the future. Our programmes are developed in consultation with industry groups and we focus on our graduates’ employability skills. Practical Training and Internship, Field Trips, Activity Base Teaching-Learning approaches and Networking events are integral to most of our courses.

Apart from the academic excellence, we do provide valuable opportunities for enhancing the communication skills via our well established Business Communication Centre. We also open the door to enjoy sport and physical fitness related facilities such as well equipped gym, swimming poor, yoga, etc. Opportunities are also available to enhance your esthetic skills.

Further, the faculty persuades students to continue their studies at postgraduate level including MBA, M.Sc. and PhD.

Our research activities are strong indication of innovation and continuous intellectual development that demonstrates our leadership in management education in South Asia.

Living with comfort

FMSC locates in Nugegoda, which is in the area of the capital of the country called Sri Jayewardenepura Kotte and easy access to the commercial capital of the country, i.e. Colombo, but not highly congested, a vibrant, sophisticated and safe city that provides nice and confirmable environment for livability.

This area has a best climate to live. We enjoy the sunshine, endless blue skies and easy access to brilliant beaches that are hard to beat.

Duration : Special/Hours Degree – 4 years (08 semesters), Full time >= 120 credits.

Annual Course Fee : USD 3000.

English Language requirement : IELTS (academic) 6.5 or TOEFL 79.

Minimum eligibility requirement : High school certificate Diploma/any other qualification equivalent to Sri Lankan GCE Advanced Level (Commerce) at one sitting.

Programme Structure :

Students are initially enrolled for the Management Common programme for a 4 year degree. Students will be selected for special degree programmes at the end of year 1, second semester.

The priority of selecting a special degree is based on a student’s academic performance in the first two semesters.

Undergraduate Courses offered by the FMSC

The FMSC offers following special degree programmes.

  1. B.Sc. Accounting (Special) Degree Programme
  2. B.Sc. Business Administration (Special) Degree Programme
  3. B.Sc. Business Administration (Business Economics) (Special) Degree Programme
  4. B.Com (Special) Degree Programme
  5. B.Sc. Operations and Technology Management (Special) Degree Programme
  6. B.Sc. Entrepreneurship (Special) Degree Programme
  7. B.Sc. Estate Management and Valuation (Special) Degree Programme
  8. B.Sc. Finance (Special) Degree Programme
  9. B.Sc. Human Resource Management (Special) Degree Programme
  10. B.Sc. in Business Information Systems (Special) Degree Programme
  11. B.Sc. Marketing Management (Special) Degree Programme
  12. B.Sc. Management (Public) (Special) Degree Programme

Experience from International Students

Fathmath Aroosha (24) is foreign student who graduated from the Department of Finance of the Faculty of Management Studies and Commerce (FMSC), University of Sri Jayewardenepura. She joined the university under the Presidential Scholarship Programme offered by the Republic of Maldives in line with the student intake of 2012/2013. Looking back at her four year long experience as an undergraduate of the Faculty, Aroosha had these thoughts to share with us.

“I really did not know what I was getting myself into, I didn’t even know much about the university at first!, Pronouncing its name was a whole different ball game all together!” says Aroosha with a smile on her face. “However what got my attention was the selection criteria, among all other State Universities of Sri Lanka, J’pura was the most demanding. It required the highest qualifications and so I thought I’ll give it a try. Even though I applied to other Sri Lankan State Universities – just in case, J’pura was definitely where I wanted to be – my first choice, and today, I am proud of my decision.”

Looking back at my four years at J’pura makes me bold enough to call in a Fantastic Experience! When I walked in everything was a new experience for me, the people, the language, the culture, you name it! But then, in just a few weeks, all of that became my comfort zone. People who thought of me as “big headed” at first became my closest friends. Students who came from strong Sinhala speaking backgrounds did not give up on me just because I couldn’t keep up with them. They all tried – we all tried to communicate and with English both in & out of the classroom we eventually did.

Lectures on the other hand were stimulating and interesting! I never felt left out at any point because they were all conducted in English medium. At times my lecturers had to switch languages because the majority of my colleagues were new to studying in English, but during all those instances they always translated and explained it to me so that all our needs were ultimately met. My research experience at FMSC was also quite interesting. I like many others was at a crossroad when selecting my topic. I finally decided on conducting one in relation to Sri Lanka but since I was to return to Maldives, my supervisor, who was an excellent guide throughout, advised me to select a topic that would benefit me once I return to Maldives and so I used Sri Lankan literature to conduct a comparative study on Sri Lanka & Maldives. This was such an educational experience overall because it inspired me to think beyond the box and explore the unknown.

Looking back at my four years, I feel that my undergraduate education has made me so much more than a mere “book smart” individual. I am now a more mature, competent and confident individual with a positive perspective towards life. The variety of people I came across, ranging from the university and faculty administration, my lecturers and friends, the non-academic staff etc. all gave me an array of perceptions to life which I will carry to my grave. The friends I made here were more than mere study-buddies, they are like family. Jpura provided me a great foundation to build my career and life and so I have all the more reason to recommend it to anyone, anywhere. It was my first time being away from my family and the comfort of ‘home’, but at FMSC, Jpura – I made my second home.