FMSC Students Mentoring Programme and Students Support Center 

The FMSC wishes to have pleasant and energetic academic and social lives of students within the University. For that the Faculty has established the Student Mentoring Programme (FMSC-SMP) and the Students Support Center (FMSC-SSC) with a view to assist students to find solutions for some problems related with their personal lives, family, economic, academic and any other which negatively affect their education within the university. If a student needs to discuss about any of such matter, academic staff of the faculty is prepared to help him/her under this programme.

Faculty conducts students mentoring activities in different levels as;

  • Raising awareness of students’ problems and preventive measures among students and staff. This is done through the orientation programmes, information leaflets and notices, and workshops.
  • Providing financial scholarships/other resources/facilities for needy students.
  • Providing academic counselling by lecturers (volunteer mentors) to students whose problems can be solved at the primary stage.
  • Providing professional counselling by junior counsellors to students whose problems are somewhat serious to be solved by academic mentors.
  • Providing professional counselling by senior counsellors (university resource persons) to necessary students as recommended by junior counsellors.
  • Arrangements are made to provide medicines for students who have severe mental or other illnesses as per the recommendation of senior counsellors.

Organization of Students Support Services 

FMSC appoints a faculty mentoring coordinator for one year period and each department nominates a senior academic member as the department mentoring coordinator. All the academic members are supposed to join with the programme as volunteer student mentors.

FMSC has established the Student Support Center (FMSC-SSC). Currently, it is located at the Room No A-IO, 2nd floor, Sri Soratha Mandiraya (T P 01l-275880l, 01l 2758303, 8801. 8303). (This center is open 04 hours of 03-04 days a week). Students of any faculty/staff/villagers/and parents can get basic counseling services from professionally qualified junior counsellors. Currently the Faculty is able to get services from three (03) temporary junior counsellors appointed by the USJP.

Faculty Mentoring Coordinator holds following responsibilities. 

  • Preparing and recommendation of guidelines for the functioning of the Faculty
  • Student Support Center (Faculty Mentoring Programme) and reporting its
    progress to the monthly faculty board.
  • Conducting students’/staff awareness programme about the mentoring programme through the center.
  • Coordinating the FMSC Students Hardship Programme.

Each department of the faculty is maintaining a Mini-Students Support Center coordinated by department mentoring coordinator and volunteer mentors. Department discusses students issues and remedial measures at the monthly department meeting under separate agenda item and records are maintained in department meeting minutes.

Department coordinators holds following responsibilities.

  • Organizing department level mentoring programmes (awareness programmes and facilitating students to find solutions for their problems).
  • Maintaining department mentoring information (records) in department minutes/folder, department prospectus, department webpage etc.
  • Reporting progress or relevant information of the department mentoring programme to the faculty mentoring coordinator.