Department of Business Administration

Undergraduates of Business Management are at the heart of the Department excellence. In their fourth year of the degree program, students are supposed to develop solid practical knowledge by being occupied in any functional area of management while building their expertise in different business disciplines: Accounting, Economics, Finance, Marketing, Human Resource Management, Business Law, Entrepreneurship, Information Technology, Procurement Management, Operations Research, etc.

Harnessed with sound knowledge gained in the broader area of Business Management through more than thirty courses in the first three years of the degree programme, the final year students are well equipped to experiment their knowledge and skills as interns in the corporate sector.

Yet, when stepping towards the career path, most of them lack corporate exposure that would make them vulnerable in the actual work setting, which is much more challenging, competitive and demanding in comparison to the university learning environment.

While working closely with students in their final year, the internship programme of the Department plays a crucial role in bridging this gap between the academic and corporate ends. By facilitating the students in numerous ways, the Department helps and guides the students to test their potentialities in the actual work setting while clearing the path for them to confidently step towards the world of work

Department of Marketing Management

Academic Mentoring

The second year and the third year undergraduates of the Department are assigned with an Academic mentor with whom they get the opportunity to discuss their academic matters and concerns. This mechanism is undertaken to make it comfortable for the undergraduates to complete the studies smoothly.

Corporate Mentorship Program

The Department is in the process of initiating the corporate mentoring program with the support from the alumni of the Department and other associated industry experts. This program is a formal mentoring program that focuses on one-on-one relationships to help participating second year and third year undergraduates of the Department to develop a professional identity and a clearer vision for their career path before they begin their internships.

Department of Entrepreneurship

The Department of Entrepreneurship strives to create entrepreneurs in all forms. For this, developing competencies in corporate entrepreneurship has become one of the recent objectives of the department.

In order to create competent Corporate Entrepreneurs who can contribute to the development of an organization, the department allows students to follow internships in established organizations enabling them to develop and display their skills as entrepreneurial managers.


If your organization provides such internship programs which give our students the freedom to express their autonomy and creativity, do contact the Department of Entrepreneurship. Mention the internship coordinator with contact details

Ms. Pubudini Liyanage

Phone: 077 938 9551 | Email:

Ms. Hasitha Sooriyaarachchi

Phone: 076 376 7710 | Email: