Accounting (ACC)

B.Sc. Accounting (Special)

Business Administration (BUS)

B.Sc. Business Administration (Special)

Business Economics (BEC)

B.Sc. Business Administration (Business Economics) (Special)


Commerce (COM)

B. Com. (Special)

Decision Sciences (DSC)

B. Sc. Operations and Technology Management (Special)

Entrepreneurship (ENT)

B.Sc. Entrepreneurship (Special)


Estate Management and Valuation (EMV)

B.Sc. Estate Management and Valuation (Special)

Finance (FIN)

B.Sc. Finance (Special)

Human Resource Management (HRM)

B.Sc. Human Resource Management (Special)


Information Technology (ITC)

B.Sc. Business Information Systems (Special)

 Marketing Management (MAR)

B.Sc. Marketing Management (Special)

Public Administration (PUB)

B.Sc. Public Management (Special)