Colouring Smiles 2017-2018

Colouring Smiles 2017-2018

Colouring Smiles is the Annual Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) project organized by the Business Economics Students’ Association (BIZCON), Department of Business Economics with the aim of providing educational facilities to underprivileged schools in Sri Lanka.

‘Colouring Smiles 2017-2018’ was successfully held on the 31st January 2017 in Badulla area. After identifying needy schools through the Ministry of Education and Zonal Education Offices, members of BIZCON did a field visits to the identified schools. The neediest three schools were selected for the project after the field visits. The selected three schools were,

  • B/ Gawarawela Vidyalaya – 300 students
  • B/ Kosgama Vidyalaya – 35 students
  • B/ Baduludena Vidyalaya – 8 students

Under the project, the organizing committee fulfilled the following needs of the schools.

  • Physical requirements such as steel cupboards, sport equipment, required wall paints and library books to all schools
  • Computers with network facility for the IT lab of Gawarawela Vidyalaya
  • Small gift packs to each student in Kosgama Vidyalaya and Baduludena Vidyalaya including exercise books, stationary items, lunch boxes and water bottles
  • A Leadership Development Programme to the students and their parents of Gawarawela Vidyalaya to emphasis the importance of education as the only mean to eradicate poverty
  • English Language Workshops for the students in Gawarawela Vidyalaya

The contributions made by the MBA post graduate students of the university, various fund raising projects done by BIZCON students and contributions of various organizations/individuals made this project a success.

B/ Gawarawela Vidyalaya:

B/ Kosgama Vidyalaya and B/ Baduludena Vidyalaya