Community Development Projects of Dept of BEC

Community Development Projects of Dept of BEC

Third year students of the Department of Business Economics successfully completed eight community development projects recently. All the projects were located in Walawwatta, Hanwella area which is the poorest Divisional Secretariat Division in Colombo district.

Project 01 – Mathudhara

The project “Mathudhara” was organized with the aim of enhancing maternal health and welfare of the mothers in Walawwatta area. Accordingly, an awareness programme regarding the maternal health with the collaboration of MOH officers In Hanwella was held following a religious programme organized to enhance the spiritual health of the mothers. At the end of the programme, a nutrition hampers were distributed among the participated mothers.


Project 02 – Colouring Hearts

‘Colouring Hearts’ project was organized with the theme “A drug free country”.  The key objective of the project was to reduce the likelihood of drug use among the villagers. Accordingly, drug prevention program was conducted at the first phase of the project for parents of the students and senior students of Pahala Hanwella Secondary school with collaboration of National Dangerous Drugs Control Board. The second phase of the project was aimed at encouraging primary school students to attend the school. A series of activities were conducted including an art competition, essay competition and a grade five model paper discussion to motivate the students to attend the school regularly.


Project 03 – Eyes on Diabetes

‘Eyes on Diabetes’ project was organized with the aim of enhancing the awareness of general public regarding Diabetes; a chronic disease everywhere. Accordingly, Diabetic prevention programme was conducted for the villagers of Walawwatta area and for the students above the age 10. National Diabetes Center in Rajagiriya provided the necessary technical support to conduct the programme. The programme increased the awareness among the people on the disease and a checkup on the sugar level of the participants was also carried down.


Project 04 – Isurumath Hetakata Ran Aswanu

This project was aimed at distributing commercial plants including pepper, mango, coconut, brinjols, chilli etc. for selected low income earned families in Walawwatta area thereby helping them to enhance their poor economic conditions by moving to an extra income source with a home cultivation.


Project 05 – Giving donations to pre-school

The project was aimed at encouraging enrollment to nursery education in Walawwatta village. Accordingly, the project donated basic requirements for nursery education such as school bags, school shoes, water bottles, lunch boxes, books and other stationary to the nursery students of Pahala Hanwella Junior School and a series of events were organized to enhance the positive attitudes of the students to come school regularly.


Project 06 – Athwelak

The project “Athwelak” was organized focusing on boosting the opportunities for the education of the students in Walawwatta area by distributing stationary packs among the students of Pahala Hanwella Secondary School.


Project 07 – Literacy Enhancement Programme

A workshop for grade 2-5 students of Pahala Hanwella Primary school was conducted with the aim of enhancing the literacy among the students and motivating them to attend the school regularly. Accordingly students coordinated the programme to improve the literacy in all three languages among the students focusing more on weak and needy students.


Project 08 – Colouring Dreams

The project “Colouring Dreams” successfully completed colour washing of the school buildings of Pahala Hanwella Junior School. The project was able to deliver a visible impactful experience to the underprivileged community of Walawwatta area.