Development Projects of Department of Business Economics

Development Projects of Department of Business Economics

Third-year undergraduates of the Department of Business Economics successfully completed two development projects, recently.

Project 1: Improving Sanitary Facilities at Sri Sumanarama Viharaya, Yatiyanthota

This project was aimed to improve sanitary facilities in Sri Sumanarama Viharaya, Nawata, Yatiyanthota. The selected temple was the main community centre of the village where most of the welfare oriented societies are established. Through this project lives of the villagers will be uplifted who were facing difficulties faced due to the lack of sanitary facilities in conducting their religious, educational and other social activities. Accordingly, two new lavatories were built and the existing lavatory was renovated. The project was successfully completed with the support of the villagers.

Project 2: Renovation of the Business Economics Resource Centre

The Department of Business Economics has established the Business Economics Students’ Association (BIZCON) in order to enhance the performance of the students through improving the knowledge, skills and attitudes for which it annually organizes various activities such as the annual drama festival, Econ-Insight (a seminar series on Economics for G.C.E (A/L) students), annual field trip, annual CSR project etc. Business Economics Resource Centre (BRC) is the location where students gather and organize those activities. At the same time, the centre is utilized by the students for their studies and other academic work.

Developing BIZCON Mini Library

Although the BRC had a considerable collection of books, it was not organized in a user-friendly manner. Hence, this project was aimed to organize this collection so that the students could use and add more books in demand to the collection. In accordance with this, a lending app was developed, new books were added and the collection was organized in cupboards making it easy for users to refer.

Enhancing Facilities at BRC

It was observed that the students were facing difficulties in organizing events due to unavailability of utensils to accommodate the guests invited for events. Hence, under this project, all the needed utensils were bought along with a small cupboard. Further, the department did not possess a podium cover which was a noticeable lacking factor in events. Under this project, a podium cover has been designed and printed.

Refurbishing BRC

The objective of this project was to make the BRC a pleasant place for students’ activities.  Under this project, the students have created a student notice board and a students’ creations board. Further, the floor was carpeted, all the curtains and cupboards were cleaned, and they have added table decorations. In addition, all the stationary items in need for the students have been bought making the BRC more facilitated.

These projects were guided by Dr. (Ms.) Wasana Handapangoda, Senior Lecturer and Mr. Maduranga Withanawasam, Lecturer of the department.