Overseas Study Tour to India by Postgrad. Students of the App. Finance Program

Overseas Study Tour to India by Postgrad. Students of the App. Finance Program

The postgraduate students of the MSc in Applied Finance Graduate Program have participated in the international conference and workshop conducted by the Delhi School of Business (DSB) in India from 20th October to 25th October 2016. This is their first overseas study tour accompanied by Program Coordinator Dr. Wasantha Perera and Prof. Y.K. Weerakoon Banda.

During this overseas study tour, our students had a rare opportunity to associate and hear the speeches of eminent financial scholars and professors of the world such as Prof. S.P. Kothari (from Sloan School of Management, MIT, USA), Prof. Shyam Sunder (from Yale School of Management, Yale University, USA), Prof. I. M. Pandey (from DSB, India) and Prof, V.S. Khanna (University of Michigan, USA). Further, they were addressed by world corporate leaders such as Dr. Shashank Ojha (senior e-Government Specialist, World Bank) and Dr. Milind Patil (Senior Director, Philips Company, USA).

Attending the research conference as a part of the overseas study tour was an academically rewarding experience for our postgraduate students and academic staff. It has provided a great platform for the students to associate with globally rewarded, professors, senior researchers, post-doctoral and doctoral students during the conference sessions, coffee/tea break and lunch time as well. A couple of our academics have also chaired the Finance Session of the conference and four members of our team, including two students have presented their research papers at the conference. Those research papers have been selected for the index journals in addition to the publication in the conference proceedings by the conference review committee.

Participating in the workshop on “Global Financial Markets” was another important event of our study tour, particularly for our students and it was conducted by Prof. Ram Ritwik Sen at the DSB. Participating in this workshop was an interesting and understandable, which helped the students immensely, to gain better knowledge on global financial markets.

During the final day of the study tour, as a team, we have visited historically and culturally important places in India such as Taj Mahal, Qutub Minar, India Gate, Maha Bodhi Society of India – Delhi Centre, Birla Mandir and Rashtrapati Bhavan and enjoyed a few hours of shopping in Kamla Nagar and Neru Place Market in Delhi.

Finally, all the participants (lecturers and students of the program) of the international workshop and conference were awarded certificates and special study and conference pack by the DSB and their hospitality, caring and facilitates were excellent during our stay. We must thank Director General Prof. I.M. Pandey, Chairman Dr. Vats, faculty and students of the DSB for their immense support given to us to complete a very successful overseas study tour to India.