A Study Visit to Republic of China

A Study Visit to Republic of China

The Department of Entrepreneurship organized a study visit to the Institute of Modern Services of Zhejiang Shuren University, Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province, China and visited Canton Fair, Guangzhou, China from 08th April to 18th April, 2016. This was organized as an academic component of Master of Entrepreneurship Program. Mr. R.N. Weerasinghe, Head-Department of Entrepreneurship and Dr. Janak Kumarasinghe, Senior Lecturer – Department of Business Economics, guided 22 Masters’ students.

The first part of the visit was scheduled for an academic program organized by the Zhejian Shuren University which includes two industrial visits from 08th to 12th of April 2016.  From 13th onwards, the group visited Canton Fair, one of the world largest import and export exhibitions.

Both students and academics of the group were benefitted with the visit through;

  1. Signing a memorandum of understanding between two universities aiming at students and staff transferring, research collaboration and exchanging both staff and students between two countries for mutual benefits.
  2. Obtaining international exposure on entrepreneurial education, global businesses and entrepreneurial management practices in a different context.
  3. Understanding economy, politics, culture and the business practices of China.
  4. Building effective networks between both universities and with industries in China.
  5. Enabling Masters’ students to engage in international businesses with Chinese firms exhibited in Canton fair.
  6. Recognizing the Chinese way of leading markets through radical and incremental innovations in many areas.
  7. Opening new pathways to effectively run local businesses through experiences accumulated.

There were fruitful discussions with the President, Vice presidents and International Manager of the Zhejian Shuren University about long term collaboration among two universities. Both parties agreed to share the facilities, staff and the students. The department of Entrepreneurship highly appreciates the service rendered by Zhejian Shuren University and its staff including the Dean and Deputy Dean of the Institute of Modern Services.