Snehadara 2016

Snehadara 2016

The Department of Finance embarked on the annual field study tour to Kosgala, Kahangama, Rathnapura on 15th and 16thOctober 2016.

As a part of the field trip the annual CSR project “Snehadara” was launched at Kosgala Vidyalaya, Kahangama, Rathnapura on 15thOctober 2016 by the 2nd year students of the Department of Finance with the assistance of the 3rd and 4th year students of the Department. The Head of the Department, Professor Hareendra Dissabandara together with the other academic staff members, Mr. S.D.L. Kongahawatte, Mrs. I.G.S.M. Illubethanne, Mrs. Y.M.P.S. Abeyrathne and Mr. Rukman Edirisinghe, Principal of KosgalaVidyalaya with the members of the teaching staff, an assistant director of education – Ratnapura, students of Kosgala Vidyalaya  with their parents participated in the event.

Prof. Hareendra Dissabandara addressed the gathering emphasizing the importance of organizing social responsibility event of this nature and the role of a university undergraduate towards making them realities. Further, the Principal of the school and the Assistant Director of Education extended their heartfelt gratitude for the initiative taken by the young undergraduates showing their commitment towards making this country a better place for all human beings. Finally the students of the Department of Finance also shared their views and experiences in the process of organizing this event with other participants.

Then the organizing committee of this event, led by the Head of the Department of Finance donated the following items for the wellbeing of the students of the school.

  • Buddha statues for each class
  • Two desktop computers
  • Library books and other stationeries
  • A pack of stationary items including exercise books, school bags, and mathematical compass boxes etc. for all students from Grade 1 to 11.

In addition to that, the students renovated the school library building and they were able to furnish the building with cupboards as well.

Snehadara 2016 – the social responsibility event marked its conclusion with the vote of thanks given by the Vice Principal of the school.

All the participants enjoyed being a part of this exemplary effort by the undergraduates of the Department of Finance. Also, it is noteworthy to mention the volunteered participation of the 3rd year and the final year students of the Department of Finance on this special event. The time and money they contributed towards the success of the event at their own expense is admirable and very much encouraging to all the student of the Department.

At the end of the CSR project, in the evening, the students organized a bond fire in order to strengthen the togetherness among them. This colorful event was held in the premises of Kosgala Vidyalaya with the participation of the academic members, students of the Department presented on that day, the principal Mr. Rukman Edirisinghe and a few students from Kosgala Vidyalaya, and a group of villagers. This event was a good platform for the students to showcase their talents and to witness the brotherhood among 2nd, 3rd and final year students of the Department.