Three-day MBA Study Tour of MBA/M.Sc. in Management Intake 2020

Three-day MBA Study Tour of MBA/M.Sc. in Management Intake 2020

A three-day MBA study tour was successfully concluded with over 60 students of the MBA/ M.Sc. in Management Intake 2020 from July 29 to July 31st, 2023, at Aliya Resort, Sigiriya, and Heritance Kandalama, Dambulla.

The purpose of this study tour was to explore the history and nature while promoting independent learning among future management professionals. Helping students and Faculty to refresh and reflect in a quiet and reposeful environment that promotes creativity in group settings and creating a space to network was the core objective of the tour. It was a break from the monotony of classroom learning, improved teamwork, social skills, and built lifelong memories among MBA students.

Prof. Aruna S. Gamage, Senior Lecturer, Department of Human Resource Management, Faculty of Management Studies and Commerce, University of Sri Jayewardenepura, led a special workshop for students on the development of managerial skills. In this workshop, students were able to improve their leadership, creativity, and social skills while students were able to individually engage, enjoy and energize. For students to release their stress and relax while also expanding their networking opportunities, an entertainment event was organized at night. In order to learn more about environmental management and corporate sustainability, students had the opportunity to see Heritance Kandalama’s most advanced water recycling system on the third day. The hotel visit and exploration both helped students to learn more on corporate environmentalism. Students had the opportunity to visit the Ritigala Archeological Site and Strict Natural Reserve on the second day to observe flora and fauna, colourful butterflies, and ancient ruins.

This three-day workshop was graced by the presence of Dr. Dushan Jayawickrama, Dean, Faculty of Management Studies and Commerce, Prof. Wasantha Perera, Chairman, Board of Studies, Faculty of Graduate Studies, Prof. Saman Yapa, Chairman, Board of Studies, Faculty of Management Studies and Commerce, Prof. Sudath  Manjula Amarasena, representing the panel of lecturers of the MBA programme, Prof. Kumuduni Sriyalatha, Coordinator, MBA/M.Sc. Programme, Ms. WRM Shehani Shanika, Assistant Coordinator, and Ms. Dilini Hiranthi, Senior Assistant Registrar, Faculty of Management Studies and Commerce.

It was obvious that this tour was an amazing opportunity for all the students to relax their academically stressed selves as well as other commitments by being far away from the complexities and being super close to nature.